List of BSNL USSD Codes

BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a well-trusted Indian telecom company owned by the Indian Government which has had an extremely loyal customer- base since its conception; granted it is a bit slower in its response to customer enquiries than other companies. It is a bit slower than other companies but provides more services and thus makes up for its deficiency by compensating in other areas. It provides good mobile services which accounts for its wide usage among Indian citizens despite the promiscuity of foreign and local service providers and the resultant wide range of options available.
USSD codes are special codes provided by the telecom operators for instant access to all the offers, data packages and balance enquiry whatever your need be. Each company has its own separate set of USSD codes as does BSNL. So if you’re a BSNL user this list of BSNL USSD codes is for you:

Main balance enquiry: *123#
Data Usage enquiry: *124#
3G Data Usage Enquiry: *124#
GPRS Balance and pack validity enquiry: *123*8#
Video Call Balance and pack validity enquiry:*123*9#
Call Detail enquiry: *124#
The list of Special Services Activation/Deactivation USSD codes:
Astrology Activation: *456*21#
Astrology Deactivation: *456*22#
Bollywood Activation: *456*99#
Bollywood Deactivation: *456*98#
Megapack Activation:*456*01#
Megapack Deactivation: *456*02#
Health Tips Activation:*456*636#
Health Tips Deactivation: *456*637#
Cricket Activation: *456*55*
Cricket Deactivation:*456*56#
News Activation:*456*31#
News Deactivation: *456*32#
Money Matters Activation:*456*43#
Money Matters Deactivation: *456*44#
Gita Activation: *456*71#
Gita Deactivation: *456*72#

All of these codes come together to run BSNL efficiently without any major mistakes in operations and bride the communication gap between you and your mobile service operator.

Lucky Patcher for Laptop window 7

The Lucky Patcher is one of the best application which is available for all the Android devices. The app allows you to patch your apps and remove the license check. You can also remove the customize limit permission, advertisement and also creates the modifies the app, it means that the Apk file which has been installed the app with its applied patch. The Lucky Patcher is secure and superb app. It is easy to use with the smooth interface. While watching the movies or any other videos in the middle you will be getting ads, sometimes it will be disturbing, and irritating, so by the help of Lucky Patcher you can remove those irritating apps and enjoy the videos without ads.

The Lucky Patcher does the multi task and that is why it is useful for the every Android user and the main purpose of the app for launching even for the PC. The Lucky Patcher is an app which patches and cracks any premium software’s, games and many others which can easily customize the apps permission. The Lucky Patcher is an amazing app which allows your devices to control over the permission which you gave to the apps. You can delete the fascinating Google ads as well as create the backup through this app and many other things. Besides these many amazing features, the Lucky Patcher is available for the Android devices and PC as well.

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk:

The Lucky Patcher has the multiple cool features through which the every Android user can fully capture its golden opportunities for the better experiment of the devices. Check out the features of Lucky Patcher Apk below:

  • It is very often while you are running your device, you get the app which pop-up automatically which is very disturbing and irritating, so the Lucky Patcher is one of the best solutions to remove the ads from the apps and games.
  • The most important feature of the Lucky Patcher is that it saves a lot of power consumption.
  • It is one of the important parts in the Lucky Patcher are that it saves a lot of power consumption.
  • Most of the apps need some special permission to run and maintain the device while installing any apps, so the Lucky Patcher is one of the apps which modify the apps permission.
  • The Lucky Patcher can be installed and patch, when you are rebooting your PC.
  • The Lucky Patcher can remove the apps permission instantly.
  • You will able to create the several modified applications through the help of the Lucky Patcher.

How to Download Lucky Patcher for Laptop for Windows:

The Lucky Patcher is not available on the Google Play Store for the PC version apart from its popularity. But still, you can manage to download it from other the other website by using the Android emulator such as Nox App Player, Wave, and BlueStacks. Through all of these emulators, you can download and install the Lucky Patcher on your PC for free.

  • To download the Lucky Patcher online on your PC, then you have to download the Android emulator. There are a number of emulators for Android devices to download out of which the BlueStack is well known to one of the best software, which available for free and one of the best Android emulator.
  • Once you download the BlueStack, then install it on your laptop.
  • Now view the BlueStacks and find the search bar. Type the Lucky Patcher for the PC and press enter.
  • To start the downloading the Lucky Patcher for laptop, just double click on the button.
  • Once the downloading is started, then you have to wait for the while patiently until the downloading process is not completed.
  • When the downloading is done, then the Lucky Patcher will automatically get install itself on your PC.

Check it once to make sure that the app works smoothly on your laptop, if there any problem, then uninstall it automatically and download it from the begin without any hesitation.

Top Five Antivirus For Your Android Smartphone

The malwares and theft problems have become a concern for all the android Smartphone. To deal with these problems, many antivirus applications are available in the market, we bring to you top 5 antivirus.


If you are looking for an antivirus that just offers you malware protection, and does not want any extra superfluous features such as identity protection or anti-theft tools, then AVL is the perfect software for you.

This software can scan a range of files including APK and beyond that. It’s efficient and fast. This antivirus performance is good and doesn’t cause any impact on the battery life or speed of the phone. AVL when tested showed a 99.8% detection rate and one false positive. For More Info Visit:

Avira Antivirus Security

When tested, Avira Antivirus Security gave 99.8% detection rate and no false positive. You can trust this antivirus to keep your android Smartphone safe and clean.

This antivirus scans all your apps and files for malware and moreover, it automatically scans all the new updates and app, immediately after the installation. Apart from malware protection, it has an anti-theft tool that that will assist you in remotely finding your device, wipes it, lock it or set off an alarm.

Avira Antivirus Security has an identity safeguard feature that will alert you when your email account and its information is compromised or leaked. You can also block phone numbers with the help of its blacklisting option.

Avira Antivirus Security Premium offers additional features such as anti-phishing and regular updates. But, its free version is adequate for the people’s general use.

AVAST Mobile Security

AVAST Mobile Security scored 98.1% in the AV Test. It offers a range of amazing and free tools. This antivirus scans yours apps for malware and also provides a report on what jobs they are performing. Not only apps, but it also scans URLs for malwares.

AVAST Mobile Security is based on Theft Aware and enables you to remotely control your phones through SMS. This software features complete theft solution; you can locate your Smartphone remotely, lock it, wipe it, lock down SIM card and set off an alarm.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus scored a 100% detection rate, in the AV-Test. Its interface is easy to use. It scans apps for the potential malware and ducks that app that tries to make premium rate calls or send text.

The free version of this antivirus, also offers anti-theft tools that can find and lock your Smartphone remotely. It also offers password protection for apps and also stops someone from uninstalling the apps.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus Premium has additional features including, SIM guard, remote wipe, app audit, anti-phishing, call blocking and monitoring of device for unwarranted data use.

360 Security

It has a score of 99.9% and efficiently detects and nullifies the threat to your Smartphone. It scans your apps and files for spyware, malware and infections. This antivirus is free and detects and fixes system vulnerabilities. It helps your phone to run efficiently by cleaning idle background apps.  It also has a privacy advisor.

Top 10 best Antivirus for Windows 8 2017

When it comes to installing an antivirus on our Windows or any other platform running PC or laptop then we get confused easily because there is a long list of available antivirus. For users, it becomes really hard to choose one among them as users don’t know much detail about what privacy or theft protection is all about. They only want to get their work done and stay protected, that’s it.

If you do a research on your own on Google or via any other search engine regarding best antivirus for Windows 8 then you’ll end up with lots of results which will confuse you further. So, how to find best antivirus for Windows 8?

It’s hard to say that this one is the best antivirus for Windows 8 but still I can share you the top 10 best antivirus for Windows 8 so that you can choose one of them.

Here I start writing about the top 10 best antivirus for Windows 8. You can get any of them installed on your Windows 8 running PC. You may find few of them as free but I’ll recommend you to buy the product so that you get complete protection as free versions are prone to thefts themselves. For More Visit:


AVG is at the top here because of its simple and elegant UI and it got all the tools to fight with the viruses, malwares and Trojans to make your PC protected. The AVG antivirus provides complete protection and also the protection from the internet.

AVG has been known in this industry since years and they got a large database of known viruses and all kind of infections till now. So you don’t have to worry about your security as AVG will be there in front of you.


When it comes to best antivirus for Windows platform then this name is called first and why not it got a long list of tools which provides complete protection and that too at cheaper price.

The only disadvantage is that it makes the performance slower than usual but still it provides better protection from other and that’s what we all should look for.


Quickheal, this name you must have heard because they use to do lots of advertisements at both internet and local levels. No doubt, it’s one of the best antiviruses for Windows 8 as it got all the tools and features.


This is another known name in this industry and it packs all the tools which should be there in antivirus software. It provides complete offline and online protection and it also provides a firewall protection between the internet and your PC.

Kaspersky internet security

I like the UI of this antivirus. It looks simple but got all the tools. It also don’t make the PC to work slower which is the additional benefit of having Kaspersky installed.